Data analytics for Extended Reality and the Metaverse

Grow your business with the metrics of human behaviour in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the Metaverse.

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Spatial tracking performance metrics for Extended Reality

CORTEXR captures human behaviour in XR by analysing billions of data points on head, hand and body movements in 3D space. Your Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Metaverse projects deserve an upgrade – from metrics designed for 2D experiences – to measuring Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) in spatial environments. An end-to-end data analytics solution with prebuilt dashboards and visualisations to measure, analyse and optimise XR user experiences. No coding required!

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Where do people move?

Analyse user journeys with position and pathway scatterplots to measure and optimise behaviour based on the order and priority of events you want to promote.


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What are people looking at?

Analyse user attention to content with heatmaps based on the time, sequence and priority of viewed areas to measure and optimise the most important elements.

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How impactful is the experience?

Analyse user immersion levels with benchmark score across different projects and industry databases to measure and optimise the impact of your experience.

Business analytics with proven results in multiple sectors

CORTEXR supports a range of XR sectors, from optimising training modules to maximising marketing conversions, by unlocking the wealth of spatial data in AR, VR and Metaverse environments. Our plug and play technology combines Cognitive Science with Artificial Intelligence to give you a powerful dashboard of real-time data analytics at your fingertips. Tapping into this rich data source of human behaviour in Extended Reality enables you to understand your users and optimise experiences to deliver business results.

"AR with behavioural data insight delivers the confidence to make business decisions"

Human Insights, Coca-Cola Europe

"VR with advanced data metrics changed investment decisions to drive category growth"

Shopper Insights, Mondelēz International

"AR with data analytics insight proved the performance of this media channel"

Research & Strategy, Yahoo EMEA

"XR combined with behavioural data delivers attention metrics similar to eye-tracking"

Consumer Insight, Cadbury UK

"Data analytics on our VR projects has transformed our approach and increased budgets"

Research & Insight, WPP UK

Agnostic data solution for all XR developer platforms

CORTEXR is designed to work with all 3D engines and XR development platforms via a plug-in to collect sensor data on your projects (no code required). Our intelligence engine processes raw data from handsets and headsets in the cloud and combines this with project metadata and our databases to analyse behaviour. We do the heavy lifting so there’s no impact on the AR, VR or Metaverse experiences you create. Simply log-in to your dashboard to see real-time data analytics and visualisations on the performance of your projects.



Add plug-in to 3D engines and XR platforms to collect sensor data from handsets and headsets. 

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Data Analytics

Our intelligence engine analyses real-time spatial data in the cloud using AI and Cognitive Science.    

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View data on all projects to analyse live performance, optimise user behaviours and measure success. 

Industry leading analytics for Extended Reality and the Metaverse

CORTEXR was built by XR developers for XR developers to solve a critical measurement gap in the growth of the industry. Research with Unity, HTC, 8th Wall etc and development with Coca-Cola, WPP, Yahoo etc has fuelled our mission to advance XR industry metrics. Our roadmap of supported platforms, devices, formats and features are based on your feedback with our community of developers shaping the metrics of human behaviour with next generation XR data analytics.

Industry report

Exclusive research into XR measurement with expert interviews and global survey uncovering the type of metrics companies value, what developers need to know about user behaviour and which analytics will help grow the industry.

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